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The astrology and the clairvoyance are part of occult divinatory arts, which consist in predicting the future in several ways: astrology, cards reading, pendulum, crystal ball... These arcane practices, although they helped many people in feeling better and more serene everyday, are still criticized by a lot of accusers. Indeed some of them just see this as a fancy thing with no scientific founding principle. That is why nowadays it can be difficult to find some reliable websites to obtain some information about clairvoyance. And that is why we wanted to create a meeting platform which is especially dedicated to the followers of astrology and clairvoyance: whether you are a talented fortune-teller or astrologist who wants to help his fellows, or you are a novice who is thirsty of learning, you are welcome on our website !

Best visionaries

Our website gathers one of the biggest communities of clairvoyants and astrologists of the web: you will ave the opportunity to chat with the best active visionaries, to whom you will be able to ask every question about your future or your personality. You will also be able to help your fellows who look for some answers.

Clairvoyance methods

There are many ways to predict the future. The astrology is considered as the most scientific: it consists in studying the position and the motion of the celestial bodies to make some predictions about the sequence of the incoming events. The clairvoyance is a more arcane divinatory art: it consists in predicting the future of someone with flashes and visions. The fortune-tellers use several tools: some of theme read the future in a crystal ball, some others read the cards or the palm of the hand. As for the cartomancy, it consists in studying the personality of someone through the pictures on the tarot cards: each figure represents a personality trait, or a past or incoming event.

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